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A spirit that is not afraid


Haley Center

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Education professors respond to anti-LGBTQ culture at Auburn

As faculty members in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, we believe that no student at Auburn University, or at any educational institution, should encounter language or practices that devalue their personhood or humanity. While the recent article focuses on one particular faculty member, the problems highlighted are present throughout the Auburn University community.

Solar Panel

OPINION | Let's discuss climate change

Instead of fossil fuels, we should switch to clean, renewable energy, such as solar and wind power — with storage. Other states in the southeast are taking positive steps. I am unaware of similar actions in Alabama. We need discussion, planning and action without delay.  


EDITORIAL | What's on next week's agenda?

We have to express our concerns at council meetings and by reaching out to our representatives. In the same way that voting is a duty, this kind of in-between-election participation should not just be appreciated — it should be utilized.  


EDITORIAL | Inmate State

Our prisons aren't filled with criminals, they're filled with fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, wives and mothers. Yes, the people in prisons have done some bad things, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be forgotten.