Editorial Board | Spring 2022


EDITORIAL | Alabama, leave transgender youth alone. Again.

On Friday, Gov. Kay Ivey signed SB 184, which would imprison doctors for up to 10 years for providing puberty blockers and hormones to transgender youth, and HB 322, which forces transgender children to use the bathroom of their sex assigned at birth. The latter bill also bans discussion of “sexual orientation or gender identity” in kindergarten through fifth grade. 

EDITORIAL | Why an environmental tab?

The world seemed to stop when the coronavirus began to spread across the globe. Now that this crisis seems to be slipping away, another global crisis that seems to have slipped the minds of many has arisen anew with a vengeance — climate change. 

EDITORIAL | Who are you protecting, Auburn?

Auburn's policies against sexual misconduct are designed to keep students, faculty and staff safe and punish those who violate that safety. In the case of Richard Hansen, Auburn seems to have forgotten that they would make student safety its “number one priority.”

EDITORIAL | Give yourself a break

If you’re used to spending most of your time “always on”, then a week of doing nothing may seem daunting, especially with how much college students are expected to do on a daily basis. So even before spring break starts, give yourself a break.

Looking back: One year as an online publication

On Feb. 25, 2021, The Auburn Plainsman released its last weekly print publication with a front story titled: "A spirit that is not afraid of change."  The editorial staff of 2022 gathered some of the top stories over the last year. These stories were selected based on views, quality and diversity of news coverage.