10/21/2015, 1:28pm

OPINION: Support all members of the Auburn Family

Although we are a student media group that is supported by the University, we are not here to act as it's PR. We are here to learn and become credible journalists who do their job and tell the truth. We are not here to entertain you. We are here to inform you of the news. Auburn fans should take pride in the fact that there are many groups and organizations on campus that help students reach their fullest potential in their study of interest by providing opportunities to practice and learn. They should support those students, because they are just as much of a representation of the University as any athlete.

10/19/2015, 8:15pm

Choose what you love, but choose wisely

Juggling school with extracurriculars, a social life, sleep and always-necessary relaxation time is hard, everybody knows that.  Unfortunately, people tend to stretch themselves too far, forsaking something they need or want to do so they can cram as many clubs, opportunities and resume builders into their day as possible.

9/25/2015, 12:41pm

EDITORIAL: Overhyping leads to higher expectations

Before the season started, we hired a new defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp, and until this past Tuesday, Sept. 23, when it was announced Sean White would be the starting quarterback for this weekend’s game against Mississippi State, our starting quarterback, Jeremy Johnson, was projected to be a star.