Abby Cunningham | Campus Writer


Beat Bama Food Drive celebrating its 25th anniversary

"Twenty-five years — that's a cool milestone," Powers said. "A lot of Auburn's current students weren't born 25 years ago, which is funny to me. I think the fact that we are working with Alabama and leveraging that rivalry is a good thing. It gets the state and community excited to fundraise and provide a lot of food for those who need it."

Women's Resource Center bringing Domestic Violence Awareness Month to campus

"It is often the case that people believe that domestic violence happens somewhere else, to someone they do not know," Kluck said. "But the truth is, there are probably people in class sitting next to us who are experiencing domestic violence right now or who grew up in a household with domestic violence."

A look inside what WE.auburn is doing to make Auburn safer

"We always talk about how we are all members of the Auburn Family, which sounds really nice, but it means a lot more when we act like it," McConaha said. "I think Green Dot gives us this shared language to engage in behaviors where we are constantly looking out and taking care of each other like a family."

Exhibit at RBD telling the history of Auburn's favorite tiger

“I feel like Aubie is a mascot we can be proud of. I put in the exhibit that he’s an award-winning mascot. He does it with excellence and it’s very interesting how they keep it up all through the years. I believe that he is a mascot we can really support and enjoy.”

How sororities make their shirts and buttons

Holman remarked, “It’s fun, I love it. I’m sad it’s almost over, but I’ve spent way too much money now in the last year since I felt that since I made the shirts, I have to buy it!”

Why are food trucks where they are?

"Food trucks have such a friendly environment since it is outdoors, and we know our students typically are out on the concourse and in that general area," Loughridge said.