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The Bean Celebrates It's 3rd Birthday

As the spring 2018 semester comes to an end, The Bean, a coffee shop located on South Gay Street in the heart of Auburn, celebrates it's third anniversary on Monday night.  Right as you walk in the door of the coffee shop, the smell of fresh pastries and coffee overwhelms your nose.  Inside the coffee shop, Auburn students and residents are busy either typing away on their computers, deep in conversation with fellow friends and classmates or enjoying one of The Bean's infamous homemade cinnamon rolls or wonder latte.  In the front room of the coffee shop, the room is buzzing with friendly conversation and the sounds of customers ordering their specialty drink and a fresh pastry.  Every piece of furniture in the coffee shop has a retro '60s and '70s look with it's own flare.

Preview for The Fashion Event: Mod

In two weeks the annual Fashion Event: Mod will take place at the Auburn Arena, hosted by the Consumer and Design Sciences along with the Apparel Merchandising and Design Association. This is not just a fashion show, hence the name.

Tiger Cage teams get ready for the finals in April

The show known to many as "Shark Tank" allows competitors to pitch a business idea to a panel of highly qualified and prestigious judges in hopes that one of the "sharks" will bite and help them develop, execute, and grow their idea.  Auburn University has their own version and it is known as "Tiger Cage". This annual competition allows Auburn University students with a business idea to advance it and help jumpstart their business.  The students are competing for a share of a prize pool up to $50,000.

When looking for a place to live when in college, it can become overwhelming and quite confusing.

Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

1. NFL  Eli Manning and Odell Beckham's dirty dancing commercial for the NFL was by far one of the best commercials of the 2018 Super Bowl.

A home away from home: Crenshaw Guest House

Built in 1890 by an Auburn University math professor, Bolling Hall Crenshaw, Crenshaw Guest house was originally a one room bungalow for his family and has been transformed over the years to become a unique lodging alternative located in the heart of Auburn, AL. The home has been passed down to several owners throughout the years, each owner making it their own. 

A Human of Auburn is ____________.

Every human being is made up of around 99 percent of the same six elements, but each is so different at the same time. Humans of Auburn's mission is to show that difference by sharing the stories of the different people around the Auburn community.