Kayla Kelly | Campus Writer


How an Iron Bowl bet created the Goodwin practice rooms

“Practicing in these rooms has allowed for me to grow more as an artist because of the privateness of it," Niedzwiecki said. "People can’t hear me, and in some rooms can’t see me from the angle, allowing for me to practice performing for just myself instead of in front of other people.”

75 years of the Auburn Creed

“The Auburn Creed is central to the core beliefs that define the Auburn Family," said Preston Sparks, director of University communications services. "These words of wisdom penned by George Petrie speak precisely to the success, determination and generous spirit of Auburn men and women everywhere.”

Game day is going green

“This is a great stepping stone to creating every football game throughout the season to be a Green Game," Duncan said. "We want fans to take the Green Game as a learning experience and come back with the same teaching tools to recycle at every Auburn football game.”

Budgeting on a meal plan for a full semester

By bringing a refillable water bottle on campus and using the Weagle water stations, students can on average save $2 at each meal. Students can also grab take-out boxes at almost every spot to eat to save leftovers for later.

Same crepes, new wheels

“I just walked out of class and just saw the Crepe Myrtle truck and it was really encouraging because it was kind of a staple, and it was a great date spot and stuff, so it was really impactful, and they have great food,” Norwood said.