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Auburn groups adopt pediatric ward in Ghana

"Their smiles were infectious. The hugs, laughs, and warm reception will be with me for a long time. It makes you wonder, how so many people with so little can be so grateful.

What does it mean to put a W on a student's transcript?

“I debated for about a week whether or not to withdrawal from a class that I was struggling in. I had no idea what a W would mean on my transcript in the future, and that doubt really scared me from proceeding to withdrawal from the course.”

Michael Waller shares stories and lessons at CLA speaker series

“Just by working hard at something I loved, writing and storytelling, by passionately pursuing an activity I loved I was able to establish some credentials that opened a few extra professional doors for me and strengthened a skillset that would benefit me down the road although in ways I did not imagine at the time,” Waller said.