Jane Random: Lily Clark


Lily Clark
1. What’s your favorite post-election tweet?

No specifics, but I liked the ones that weren’t too radical in any way. Just like the humorous ones, such as “an elephant would win in a real match.”
2. If you could abolish one class at Auburn, what would it be?
COMP1000. That’s a bad one. (Laughs) It’s not helping anyone.
3. Which former SGA president would you most want to slow dance with?
Last year’s (Kirby Turnage), because he was really cute.
4. If you could hang out with Aubie for a day, what would you do?
I would go with him everywhere, just for the attention and to see what it’s like with all the screaming girls.
5. What Auburn professor has the best hair?
Stephen Swann (Chemistry/Bio-Chemistry). He keeps it together. It’s very well done.
6. What’s been your favorite method of coping with Auburn’s crippling losses this season?
'War Eagle' anyways. Sometimes I like to pretend it’s a bye week.
7. What’s your thoughts on the denim-on-denim trend?
I’m cool with that.
8. Who would win in a fight: Jay Gogue or Gene Chizik?
Gogue. Chizik is kind of losing his touch all around.

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