Auburn fan ejected from men's basketball game

Apparently talking to referees is now considered going too far for fans.
Auburn men’s basketball season ticket holder Michael Hardin was ejected from Wednesday night’s game against South Carolina after he told referee Teddy Valentine to “blow the whistle” more often.
“I think everybody was really frustrated with the difference in all the fouls,” Hardin said. “I think at one point it was nine to nothing in the fouls. We came down and they missed a couple fouls and I told him to blow his whistle and I guess he didn’t like it.”
Hardin said he was aware of Valentine’s reputation coming into the contest, but said he didn’t feel he’d crossed the line with his comments.
“I don’t use profanity or anything, I just told him to blow his whistle,” Hardin said.
Though he was formally ejected by Valentine on the court, Hardin continued watching the game from section 118 of the Auburn Arena.
“He thinks I left, so that’s good enough,” Hardin said.

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