EDITORIAL: A spirit that is not afraid


We weren't sure what to expect from Richard Spencer's visit to campus. We, along with much of the Auburn Family, hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.

And in the end, it could've been a lot worse.

The Plainsman's editorial board commends the student body and the Auburn community for how Tuesday's events were handled.

We abhor what Spencer stands for and from what we saw Tuesday night, we're in good company.

In fact, Auburn students literally ran him out of town.

Yes, there was one violent outburst that led to three arrests. But none of those people were students.

Hundreds of students — whose views fall all over the political spectrum — turned out to the protests and counterprotests. For the most part, the discourse was peaceful.

The Auburn Police Division deserves applause, too — the police at the protests and the speech handled the situation professionally and with grace. They showed respect to Richard Spencer supporters, protesters, University representatives and members of the media.

Without their professionalism and diligence, the event could've ended very differently.

A lot of people and organizations came together to ensure protesters and counterprotesters were kept safe.

We can say today, without a shadow of a doubt, the Auburn spirit is truly not afraid. 

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