Editorial Board | Spring 2016


EDITORIAL: Speak now, there is no peace

On Sunday, April 3, Melissa Boarts lost her life.  Melissa’s mother, Terry Boarts, called the Auburn Police Division because she feared for her daughter’s well-being.  “I had called 911 to get help for her because she was threatening to cut her wrists,” Terry told The Plainsman. “She has been diagnosed with bipolar [disorder] ... and PTSD.

EDITORIAL: It's a family affair, Auburn

As inflation continues to devalue the dollar, the eternal struggle toward higher minimum wages trudges on.  Specifically, it has made traction here at Auburn University.

Mental health cannot wait

Students struggling with mental health issues at Auburn University have the opportunity to make an appointment and usually have it scheduled within a week or two.

EDITORIAL: Not just another call to action

Unfortunately, calling for green initiatives has become a cliche.  Seldom passes a day where a college student is not directly exposed to a person or organization striving to preserve our earth. The inspiration these organizations attempt to instill is sometimes lost in the great green bog of environmental awareness.  Having so much exposure that impact takes a drop is a peculiar problem, and it's one that we must all acknowledge in order to get past it. 

EDITORIAL: Protect ban on concealed carry permits

On March 22, Auburn's University Senate voted to condemn bill HB12. Proposed by Rep. Mack Butler, R-Rainbow City, HB12 would allow people with concealed carry pistol permits to carry on state college campuses.

State judges should be appointed

On March 7, the Supreme Court of the United States overruled Alabama's Supreme court, adding another example of federally appointed judges striking down the opinion of our elected state justices.

EDITORIAL: University-sanctioned freedom of speech

Auburn University's Speech and Demonstration policy states that demonstrations, protests and speeches may only be conducted on the steps of Ralph Brown Draughon Library.  That is, unless you want to get special authorization from the Division of Student Affairs, in which case you may or may not be granted a permit to practice the first amendment at some alternate University-sanctioned location.

EDITORIAL: We support the SGA Initiative

The last week of finals can be hectic; the chemistry of the student body shifts. Stress runs high as students try to prevent grades from running low.  Some student resort to "study-drugs" such as adderall, while others combat finals with more innocuous alternatives such as coffee.  In an effort to aid students during finals week, SGA President Walker Byrd and SGA President-Elect Jesse Westerhouse proposed an initiative that would prevent professors from assigning students projects that weight at least 10 percent of the class grade during finals week.