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Monday, Sep 25, 2023 | Latest Print Edition

Mobile flower bed spreads joy on streets of Auburn

Via @theflowerbed on Instagram.
Via @theflowerbed on Instagram.

Flowers have the ability to add a bit of joy and light to anyone’s day, with their bright colors and lively presence — at least that was the mindset of Lauryn Rodgers when she turned the idea of owning a small flower truck into a reality.

Several years ago, Lauryn Rodgers was talking to her husband about the idea of running a small truck to sell flowers. Her husband, Brandon Rodgers, found a truck on eBay in Tampa. He arranged to pick up the truck to start the project.

“I had tossed the idea around, and two years ago he found this old truck,” Rodgers said. “I had been doing arrangements for people and fun little projects for a long time, so this became another avenue for me to share these with new people and let them have fun.”

The couple fixed a green 1940 Chevy three-quarter ton stake bed truck named The Flower Bed to hold different buckets. Flowers are displayed in each of the buckets for customers to pick and craft their own personal bouquets.

“I wanted to make a place that was good and happy,” Lauryn Rodgers said. “I feel like bad moods disappear when they walk up to the truck. I think flowers bring a smile to anybody’s face, so I love to bring that to people.”

She isn’t trying to compete with local florists or flower shops. She just wanted to give people a fun and unique avenue to pick out their own flowers, Lauryn Rodgers said.

“All varieties of people come to the truck, not just girls, but guys who want to buy their wife flowers or take home a bouquet for their mom,” Lauryn Rodgers said. “I wanted to create something different from the grocery store or a florist, where I can pick my flowers and say, ‘I just want to spend this much.’” 

The Flower Bed has made about a dozen outings since April 2019. The couple has parked the truck in downtown Auburn to meet with people and sell flowers.

“I am a very behind-the-scenes kind of person,” Lauryn Rodgers said. “I normally don’t like to be out in front of people, but this has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and learn about myself. And people make it so easy because everyone is so happy to come by and see us.”

Rodgers tries to get her flowers from local growers. She specifically noted Opelika, Montgomery and LaGrange growers, but also mentioned buying flowers from as far away as California and Miami. 

“In my heart, I would love to buy from local growers in different varieties,” Lauryn Rodgers said. “But it can be hard because you need to find people who are willing to tend to the project.”

Her long-term dream is to be able to incorporate a way to teach children how to grow and tend to their own flowers. In the near future, she will be involved with the Auburn City Market on Saturdays this month, Lauryn Rodgers said. 

“I have been humbled by this whole process and the kindness of everyone,” Lauryn Rodgers said. “I am excited when I get the opportunity to go out — and a ball of nerves too — but everyone has been so happy that it is all worth it.”

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