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A spirit that is not afraid


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EDITORIAL | Auburn Athletics is "On to Victory"

It is crucial that the Auburn family understands that the On To Victory collective does something that should have been done a long time ago: take name, image and likeness to the next level to acknowledge, celebrate and expand opportunities to the overlooked and underserved athletes. 

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EDITORIAL | Why an environmental tab?

The world seemed to stop when the coronavirus began to spread across the globe. Now that this crisis seems to be slipping away, another global crisis that seems to have slipped the minds of many has arisen anew with a vengeance — climate change. 

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EDITORIAL | Join the Plainsman

Joining The Plainsman will provide students with more than just clips to put on an application — but if that’s what you need, you’ll get an abundance of it — it will also give you relationships that will last. 


EDITORIAL | Texas abortion ban sets dangerous precedent

On Sept. 1, Texas enacted the most restrictive abortion law in the nation, and all around the country women are asking the same question: What does the Texas abortion ban mean for me? This editorial is meant not only to serve as an explanation of the Texas and Alabama abortion bans, but also as a plea — Alabama, do not follow in Texas’ footsteps.