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A spirit that is not afraid


Personal Finance Editorial

EDITORIAL | Opt in for a personal finance class

In order to fulfill the goals of Auburn's mission statement, students should be coming out of the university as well-rounded individuals. While being well-rounded can vary person-to-person, we suggest that students make an effort to educate themselves in personal finance through Auburn's personal finance course. 

Finals Motivation Editorial

EDITORIAL | Finish the semester strong

As the semester comes to a close and finals week draws near, it’s likely you feel burned out, unmotivated and overwhelmed as you try to finish strong. There are a million cheesy saying and quotes you will probably hear over the course of the next few weeks—from ‘all you can do is your best’ to ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘believe in yourself’—and your inclination may be to respond in annoyance and irritation, but the reality is that the sayings are mostly true. 


EDITORIAL | We stand with Dadeville

At the end of the day, we are just college students without answers. At this time, we don’t even have all the details about what occurred on April 15. All we can do is raise our weary, unified voices in support of those impacted and beg for justice. 

Female Statues Graphic

EDITORIAL | We still need statues of Auburn women

The question is not if Auburn’s female athletes are worthy of recognition on campus. Having produced 12 of Auburn’s 22 national championships, including six in equestrian, five in swimming & diving and one in track & field, and winning Olympic medals in multiple sports, it is obvious that they are. 

Auburn University

EDITORIAL | On "anti-white" slurs and Black History Month

People of all races should be treated equally and fairly. However, the motives behind the people who are insinuating that this google document is a violation equality and fairness are far more convoluted than simple. The contents of a google document that wasn’t even created by an Auburn student is not news, and this incident is not an example of persecution or discrimination.

nil cartoon.jpg

EDITORIAL | Auburn Athletics is "On to Victory"

It is crucial that the Auburn family understands that the On To Victory collective does something that should have been done a long time ago: take name, image and likeness to the next level to acknowledge, celebrate and expand opportunities to the overlooked and underserved athletes.