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A spirit that is not afraid

Editorial Board | Spring 2023


EDITORIAL | Finish the semester strong

As the semester comes to a close and finals week draws near, it’s likely you feel burned out, unmotivated and overwhelmed as you try to finish strong. There are a million cheesy saying and quotes you will probably hear over the course of the next few weeks—from ‘all you can do is your best’ to ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘believe in yourself’—and your inclination may be to respond in annoyance and irritation, but the reality is that the sayings are mostly true. 


EDITORIAL | On "anti-white" slurs and Black History Month

People of all races should be treated equally and fairly. However, the motives behind the people who are insinuating that this google document is a violation equality and fairness are far more convoluted than simple. The contents of a google document that wasn’t even created by an Auburn student is not news, and this incident is not an example of persecution or discrimination.

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