Caroline Stone | Intrigue Writer


To read or not to read?

Reading for fun is a concept that some college students find foreign, while others would never dream of giving it up.

Finding your home on the Plains

 There are many pros and cons to living on and off campus; you could have a stubborn roommate, an unexpected best friend, an inconvenient location or a room five minutes from your class.

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Move-in day – a stressful day filled with hours spent out in the sun, waiting in line for elevators, heaving furniture up stairs and unpacking endless boxes full of items you probably don’t actually need. You may have met your roommate for the first time or perhaps this time you greeted your best friend and roommate for the past three years.  Housing is a crucial part of the Auburn experience and it can make or break your year.  There are many pros and cons to living on and off campus.

From Appalachia to Alabama: a poet's journey

Rose McLarney, 2011 and 2013 National Poetry Series winner, covered all of this and more during the first Third Thursday Poetry Reading of the semester at the Jule Collins Smith Museum.