Destini Ambus | Campus Writer


Theatre students see productions canceled by pandemic

“When I got news that the production was being canceled, I was heartbroken,” said Anna Vu, sophomore in theatre management. “We had been working on this show since January, and it saddens me that all the hard work of the dancers, choreographers and designers could not be shown to an audience."

A Nigerian football player's journey to U.S. citizenship

Prince Michael Sammons, an offensive lineman and native of Nigeria, recently received his U.S. citizenship. But before achieving this dream, Sammons' story begins with the small kid who used to play sports to have a chance to feed his family.

Aubie exhibit comes to Student Center

The exhibit, located on the second floor of the Student Center, features vintage memorabilia that celebrate the Aubie program and some of Aubie's accomplishments over the years.

The 'food truck family' that feeds campus

Sunel and Sonia Merchant are the owners of Philly Connection. According to their son, Sunny Merchant, they have been serving the Auburn community for several years.