Editorial Board | Fall 2020


EDITORIAL | Don't make Jordan-Hare the Petrie Dish

EDITORIAL | If you’re going to the game this weekend, make sure to bring a mask, socially distance and sanitize frequently. But maybe most importantly, check your privilege at the gate. Because if not, you may not have another chance this season to do so. 

EDITORIAL | Auburn should reintroduce S/U grading

it’s sad to say such a respected university as Auburn has to follow in the footsteps of Alabama, but it must be said just as Auburn must return to a grading method that has been shown to be quite effective at increasing equity.

EDITORIAL | Hey, Auburn, get it together

We are now three weeks into the semester, and Auburn still doesn't have a centralized platform to share COVID-19 data. The data they are releasing only comes out once a week. Auburn, get it together.