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A spirit that is not afraid

Jack West | Editor-in-Chief


Another year in the books

Mary Alex Frishman, junior in communication, and her team had the strange and elusive job of trying to somehow capture and preserve the Auburn experience of 2020 — a year that was defined by its despair, passion and uncertainty — into the books packed along the wall behind her.  In her role as the editor-in-chief of The Glomerata, Frishman had several months to design and then delegate this past year’s edition. She and her managing editor, Meaghan Davis, senior in exercise science, took over in March of 2020 and had to figure out how to describe a campus without any students on it. 


'It's a harsh truth that had to be said'

Originally from a small town in the middle of Georgia, Josh Herring came to Auburn as a computer science major. With square, metal-frame glasses, wide shoulders and a really easy smile, he kind of fits into a lovable computer geek mold.  If you're attempting a heist, Herring looks a little bit like the guy with the computers who hacks the mainframe from the van and fires off one-liners before he tells you that the vault door has been unlocked. But computer science got old. Fast. And after a little more than a year, he took a sharp turn.

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