Natalie Beckerink | Campus Writer


Seventeen faculty members honored at 2018 Faculty Awards Ceremony

“When we come together as colleagues to recognize and celebrate each other achievements it’s fun,” Leath said. “It seems like we don’t do it often enough, though. We get so busy that we often forget to reflect on each other’s accomplishments, but we get to do that tonight."

Who are the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen, and what do they do?

""The War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen are composed of 13 women and 13 men to total a group of 26 Auburn students. They represent the respectable and trustworthy ideals of Auburn through the events they run and projects they work on. Some of these functions include organizing alumni pre-games at the President’s Mansion, giving tours of campus and hosting dignitaries.

ACLU and SPLC pair up for joint voter education session

What we really want to do is make voting rights as simple as possible and make it as easy as possible for people to vote, so that they feel empowered, and they feel they have all their information in order to vote on the ballot," Hermo said.