Supplemental podcasts through iTunes a good move for students

The Authenticated AU iTunes program will allow faculty to distribute video and audio content to their students through iTunes, which the students can use to view or listen to the content on their computer or iPod.

The possibilities for the use of this program are pretty neat.

Auburn's use of the podcast could help students by allowing them a way to avoid awkward academic situations.

One situation that could see some benefit would be the review sessions professors sometimes offer before tests.

Students who cannot attend due to a legitimate scheduling conflict could e-mail their questions to the professor to include in a review podcast.

"I can't make it," would not force a student to settle for a B.

The situation could also be beneficial for the teacher who is available to review on Wednesday, but the students want to meet Thursday.

Instead of meeting in the middle, the teacher could record the podcast when they have time, and send it out to students immediately.

Professors have several ways to format the podcast.

A history professor reviewing material like the definitions of vocabulary terms or the significance of historical events would be able to release their podcast as an audio file.

A math teacher trying to clear up a hard to understand problem dealing with a dry-erase board full of formulas could set up a camera viewing the board and record a video podcast.

There is no substitute for in-person, teacher-to-student interaction, but embracing technology in this manner would help those on either side.

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