Former coach Trooper Taylor may take 2013 season off


This time of year, most college football coaches are either looking for recruits or looking for a job.

While watching his daughter and the rest of the Auburn High School women's basketball team crush Russell County 53-38 on Friday, Feb. 1, former Auburn University wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor said he was perfectly fine enjoying his free time.

Taylor's daughter Starr, a freshman at AHS, dominated the game and led her team with 20 points, six steals and two assists.

For regular fans of the AHS Lady Tigers, Starr's consistent production comes as no surprise.

As for Taylor, a coach used to life dominated by football, he is relishing the opportunity to watch his daughter and spend time with his family.

"It's been great to have time off to be a father and be able to watch her play," Taylor said.

According to Taylor, he just might take the entire season off.

"Right now, I can sit back and take a year off and watch my son (Blaise) play as a junior, and I can watch my daughter play which I haven't been able to do," Taylor said. "And I can spend time with my wife. And still get paid. That's the beauty of it for a whole year and a half."

Taylor and the rest of Auburn's football coaches were released in early December following the termination of former head coach Gene Chizik.

As part of his contract, Taylor is scheduled to continue to receive monthly checks as if he was still on staff.

When asked again if he planned to spend the next year in the stands rather then on the sideline, Taylor said he did.

However, Taylor said he hasn't closed the door on a 2013 coaching job completely, and he and his family are waiting for "whatever God has" for them.

"If something opens up that fits me, and it's good for (Blaise) and (Starr) and the family, then we'll do it," Taylor said. "But we're not doing anything until we know exactly what's best for us... You can't call God, but when God calls you, you've got to take that call."

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