Aubie does it again


Aubie has inspired Auburn fans in fields, courts and stadiums for decades, but tonight in Disney World he yet again proved himself as the best mascot in the nation. Tonight Aubie won his eighth Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) mascot national championship since his first win in 1991.
Aubie left his bags packed from Pasadena and headed to Orlando, Fla. to take part in his second national championship this year, but this time he came away with the victory that every Auburn fan knew he deserved.
Fans on Twitter voted him the number one choice, but when it came to the judges' pick, Aubie and the 2013 winner, University of Minnesota's Goldy Gopher, were the last two standing. After ESPN announced that Goldy was the runner up and Aubie had won his eighth national championship, Aubie shook hands with the Goldy and accepted his trophy with some head shakes.
Aubie has won more UCA mascot national championships than any other mascot, and his wins aren't slowing him down.

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