SGA begins transition into new administration


Senior class SGA members said their goodbyes and welcomed the new, or transitioning, senate members succeeding them.

The meeting took place on Monday, Feb. 13 and introduced new SGA President Jacqueline Keck, new Vice President Justin Smith and new Treasurer Frank McEwen.

Sitting senate members grappled with their final orders of business before the new administration is to take over.

School of Nursing Senator Mason Easterling, School of Business Senator Schaefer Amos and School of Pharmacy Senator Stephen Caton moved to pass their resolution to amend pre-finals week testing practices.

The resolution said students should not receive “tests or quizzes accounting for more than 10 percent of the final grade in any course” during the week before finals “in courses that also administer a final exam.”

Courses in which a formal final exam is not given would be exempt if this recommendation were to pass through administration.

Though the resolution was passed in a unanimous voice vote, sitting SGA Vice President Brandon Honeywell said the appeal was “just a resolution” and not a finalized bill, and students should not accept the resolution as “set in stone” unless the University administration approves it. 

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