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Online shopping is the easiest (and laziest) way to buy new clothes. If we are being honest, I can't even tell you the last time I actually set foot in a store because I've had so much success online shopping for the past year.

Online shopping is great because it allows you to find deals and new styles without the anxiety. Sometimes in a store they don't have your size, or someone grabs the last medium in the top you really wanted— that doesn't happen online.

Another great thing about online shopping is that you can do it straight from your bed, leisurely. And then once your clothes arrive, you can try them on right in your own bathroom and don't feel rushed to get out of the dressing room.

The downsides to online shopping is that you don't always know what you're actually going to get, and there's a longer wait to receive it. However, if you follow these tips you can help make sure that what you're ordering is exactly what you want, and is worth the 3-5 business day wait.

1. Stick to the same sites

Since I'm a pro at online shopping, I have my core group of websites I always stick to because I've had success with them in the past.

Once you order something successfully from a site, you know you can trust it— that's why I stick to same few sites when ordering. 

Find a few reliable sites and keep shopping from those.

2. Choose sites with the runway option

Ah, the runway option. Such a beautiful feature that not many know about. On most stores' sights they have a button that says 'runway,' and if you click it you can see a model walking down a runway in the article of clothing you are looking at.

This is great because it shows you exactly what that piece of clothing looks like, and how it will look when you're walking and not just standing still.

Most websites also tell you what size the model is wearing, so I quickly found websites that used models my size to see literally exactly how it would look on me.

I definitely credit all of my success with online shopping to the runway feature, because I know now if something will be uncomfortable, tight fitting, etc. before I order it.

3. Be true to your style

The whole point of online shopping is to broaden your closet, but don't be afraid to stick to your roots. Find exciting new pieces, but also remember who you are and what you will actually wear.

A common problem I run into is that I will see something cute on the model and buy it— not even considering the fact that I might not wear it. So be sure to buy things that will look good and make you feel like your best self.

Online shopping can be a great tool if you know how to do it correctly, so use these tips to find lots of new clothes. Happy shopping.

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