City app gives a peek at available downtown parking


Before heading out tonight and circling the downtown streets for ages trying to find a free parking space, the City of Auburn has a new tool that could be helpful.

As part of their new “user-friendly” website, the city has included a map that, using tracking sensors, gives real-time updates for 158 spaces of their downtown parking.

The map outlines all city parking spaces downtown, and in the city's “smart lots”—for now the Gay Street parking deck and adjacent lot—highlights them either green for open or red for occupied.

The new website and parking map are both mobile-friendly and can be used effectively with a smartphone.

At their regular meeting last night, City Council approved the construction of a new parking deck on North College Street that includes an estimated 291 new parking spaces.

(Read more about City parking changes)

Auburn Interim IT Director Chris Graff said today the new deck will have technology similar to the current smart lots to track available spaces.

Bidding on construction of the North College deck is expected to take place this January and construction is estimated to last about a year.

Access the live parking map here via the City of Auburn’s website.

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