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Abandoned mill burned in fire gives meaning to physical location

Broken bricks lie scattered on the ground, remnants of silver metal air vents screech, sending a chill down the spine and shards of glass fill the once-used path leading to a place that is now burned rubble and memories. An abandoned place, where standing in the midst of it all, one can almost feel the loss and emotion.

COLUMN: Law or not? For me, it's life or not

The University senate voted Tuesday, March 22, to oppose Alabama House Bill 12, a bill allowing gun owners with concealed carry permits to bring their firearms to campus.  You could definitely say this has been a hot topic this year since Texas came out with a new law allowing students 21 years or older to carry a firearm fully concealed if they have the appropriate permit to do so.  I didn't grow up in a gun-heavy household.

Breaking down how your campus dollars are spent

It's almost halfway through the semester, and for some, those dining dollars are dwindling. Eating on campus can be convenient and a good way to network with other students, according to Bill Sallustro, resident district manager for Chartwells, the contracted company Auburn University chose to help run Tiger Dining.  Everything cost money these days, and some students feel their meal plan monopoly money gets squandered away within the first months of the semester.

Lease-hopping my way through college

It's my fourth year on The Plains, and I've called four different places home. Freshman year, home was the Hill, the not-so-nice version of on-campus living.

Students rate 319 Bragg and 160 Ross

As Auburn University gains more students, new housing developments have been built with more to come. Dorian Ashford, senior in media studies, and Sara Martin, sophomore in English language arts education, gave their reviews of each development.