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#AuburnUnites Music Fest will 'peacefully protest' Richard Spencer

#AuburnUnites Music Fest will be held on the Green Space on Tuesday, April 18 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The music fest will feature artists such as Alex Wilkerson, Dogwood Lung and Cherry Motel.

The event is being held to bring students, faculty and community members together who disapprove of white nationalist thinker Richard Spencer's presence on campus.

Jakob Geiger, sophomore in political science, created a Facebook event inviting Auburn community members to the event.

"We will be holding this festival on campus in hopes we can deny Richard Spencer a platform on which to speak," Geiger said.  "Music will be provided by Alex Wilkerson, Dogwood Lung, Cherry Motel and several others. We will also be hosting speeches from several community leaders who helped plan this event, and there will be free food. Come hang and hold up your picket signs and let’s show Nazi’s what we think of them."

Wilkerson is set to perform and said the event space has been certified and will be police protected.

"We're holding the event to peacefully protest Spencer's ideology," Wilkerson said. "He's [Geiger] been working tirelessly for about four days to bring everything together."

Spencer was set to speak on campus Tuesday, April 17, however the University decided to cancel the event on Friday, April 14. 

In a phone interview with The Plainsman, Spencer said he would not back down politely.

"I'm not going to allow that to happen," Spencer said. "Auburn is going to rue the day that they made this total bullsh*t decision. I will not back down. I will be there. This is going to be so much bigger than they ever imagined."

Editor's Note: Alex Wilkerson was previously a columnist for The Auburn Plainsman.

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