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A spirit that is not afraid

COLUMN: How a hectic lifestyle meets a simplistic look

I set strict rules for myself, regarding things that may seem inconsequential to others.

For example, if I’m not drinking my coffee black, it either gets one creamer or one sugar packet. Never both and never more than that. If the cream isn’t in individual portions, I mix it according to the shade of brown it creates.

These rules also translate to the way I dress. Although my clothing choices are simple, there are many factors that go into my daily dress equation. For the sake of space, I’ll only include the rules that pertain to the late spring season.

First, check the weather. Since the temperature from morning to noon varies greatly, layers are essential. If I haven’t checked the weather the night before, I check on my phone before even rolling out of bed. 

Second, colors must be coordinated. I don’t like wearing bright colors or flashy patterns, but making sure that even mundane colors such as grey, olive green, khaki and faded blues work nicely together is essential.

Third, footwear choice is dependent upon two conditions: weather and anticipated walking distance for the day. I suppose I should clarify the reason as to why I maintain these ridiculous rules. I spend my day going from an art studio, newspaper office and wherever else my photo assignments may take me.

Because of this, it is essential to always maintain some level of professionalism while being able to go from different places without standing out too much. Hence the neutral colors and either jeans or khakis. Apparently I wasn’t the only one in my family that thought this way.

During a conversation with my mother as to my strict rules in clothing, she told me my grandfather was the same way. Although they lived on a farm, he always kept a button-up work shirt near the front door, for fear of someone catching him outside of the house with just a t-shirt on.

My grandfather also never wore shorts unless he was swimming, probably for fear of blinding others with his bright white legs. 

It’s hard to believe that so much consideration can go into something as simple as wearing the same color schemes and picking between four pairs of shoes.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people are often judged based upon their appearances, so hopefully I come off as boring and simple.

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