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COLUMN: This is the lazy look

So far you have read articles about style, fashion and how to dress your best. You’ve gotten new ideas and fresh tips that, by using a little effort, will have you making every sidewalk a catwalk.

For some of us, though, even this small amount of effort is just a little too much. College already requires enough effort to be worrying about clothes; you just want to stay comfy and warm during these harsh Alabama winters. You have no idea how to style yourself to look good, and neither do I, but I can definitely help you feel comfy while looking, well, clothed.


I’m sure every fashionista will spread the good news of the pecoat or cashmere sweater, but what they fail to grasp is the concept that these articles of clothing need to be paired with something else. Also, these can be cumbersome to wear and definitely less-than-comfortable.

With the hooded sweatshirt, known popularly today as the hoodie, you never have to worry about any of this. Hoodies can be worn with anything — literally anything — and wearing them is like being in a fortress of fluff. Not only do you get the soft, warm advantages that come with a sweater, but you get a built-in pillow headrest that can be used to keep your head warm and avoid interactions on the concourse or at family gatherings. The hoodie is my lazy go-to, and it should be yours too, probably.


I had never heard of these wonderful, scrunchy leg sleeves until about two weeks ago, but, let me tell you, they are the fashionably complacent’s dream come true. Now, keep this between you and me — really, it’s a secret — they’re literally sweatpants that you can wear to nice-ish occasions.

I know, you don’t believe such a thing could exist, but the fashion world apparently looks out for the lazy without us realizing it. If you don’t know, joggers are basically the lovechild of either denim or khaki and the most comfortable pants you own.

The greatest part — I doubt I have actually ever jogged in my life, but they still let you buy them in the store like they don’t even know that. Go give these pants a try, and I guarantee you’ll feel like you are king of the life hacks next time you are comfier than anyone at that semi-formal event.

Fuzzy Socks

Wait. I know I just lost a lot of you, but hear me out. “I’m not wearing fuzzy socks. What am I, a grandparent?” – potentially what you just said aloud. Well stop talking to your newspaper and listen to the good news.

As long as you are wearing pants that cover your ankles and you aren’t ashamed by being extremely comfy, fuzzy socks are the single best way to achieve maximum comfort this fall. I have confirmed with my fashionable sources that they are, indeed, horrendous to the eye, but this won’t matter to the fuzzy suck wearer because you will be walking on literal clouds.

If you go to either the maternity section of any department store or your grandma’s closet, you will be in awe when you realize the potential of fuzzy socks. Once you squeeze them into your shoes and start walking around, you will notice that they are not only comfortable but also extremely warm. “But aren’t normal socks the same way?” you ask. Sure, probably, but can normal socks become slippers as soon as you take off your shoes? They cannot, but fuzzy socks can. If you want to stay comfortable, stay warm and have ugly-but-functional footwear this fall, fuzzy socks are for you.

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