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COLUMN: Spread the love even past Valentine's Day

It's hard to find love these days. Here's some stories of people who did.
It's hard to find love these days. Here's some stories of people who did.

With Valentine's Day vastly approaching, one may notice a series of couples exchanging kisses and gifts. High-end restaurants are populated with partners proclaiming their love for one another. The aroma of genuine love in the air on Valentine's Day can be quite contagious and can leave a warm impression on the hearts of many, both single and committed. I can say with confidence that Valentine's Day emphasizes a complex emotion that we lack as a society, love.  

Though Valentine's day is an annual holiday designed to acknowledge the admiration of one's love and friendship for another, every day should be filled with warmth and affection towards one another more than one day out the year. 

Considering that we live in a critical time, it is evident that there is a depletion of love amongst our nation through corrupt leadership and war alone. I am of the firm belief that there should be more love deposited in our society both romantically and generally. Presents between lovers should be exchanged frequently and a plethora of hugs should be distributed more amongst neighbors and enemies. It's easier and less time consuming to demonstrate love to someone than to manifest hateful energy into the community.  

I encourage citizens to display their love daily. Love for someone can be evident in the smallest act of kindest to a grander scale. A small act of kindness can create a snowball effect of an intense fondness for someone or something, otherwise known as love. 

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