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A spirit that is not afraid

The Plains Band rocks Auburn

<p>Introducing The Plains, they're coming to a bar near you.</p>

Introducing The Plains, they're coming to a bar near you.

Meet The Plains, a local rock band consisting of four friends Branche Sheffield, Mitch Prewitt, Nick Blackwell and Coleman Galbrith.

Sheffield is on vocals and guitar, Prewitt is the drummer, Blackwell plays the guitar, and Galbrith is on the bass.

The group classifies as a rock band that mainly performs cover songs.

“A set would be 75% covers and 25% original music,” Sheffield said.

The Plains performs at many different locations. Some of these locations are fraternity houses, downtown venues, and they have also traveled out of state for some performances. 

“The best are the out-of-town gigs where nobody knows who you are because then you can really be yourself and have a good time,” Sheffield said.

The band was established in June of 2020, but they have known each other for longer. For example, Sheffield and Galbrith knew each other in high school, but Prewitt, the drummer, was difficult to find.

The search for a drummer began in May 2020 when they asked the drummer of another band, Supper Club, to fill in until they found a permanent drummer. The Supper Club drummer passed his cousin’s contact along to The Plains. Prewitt happened to be the cousin and soon after became the official drummer for The Plains. 

“We [wanted] to try to find the right drummer,” Sheffield said. 

Now, the group is in the process of getting their demos professionally recorded. 

“There is so much that can happen that is not being said. Everything is being communicated musically,” Sheffield said.

While Sheffield notes he loves performing on stage with his best friends, school remains their main priority. 

“School is always going to come first,” Sheffield said. 

While school, work and a social life are hard to balance, Prewitt made note of the dedication the boys have to the band.

“We have done a really good job of rehearsing on our own,” Prewitt said.

Prewitt has been living in Nashville for six months and is a member of three additional bands. The Plains schedule about three shows within a reasonable time frame so Prewitt is able to travel to Auburn for the performance.

“I just love playing, so regardless of how far away it is, and if I at least break even, then I will want to go play a show with them,” Prewitt said.

He has been with the band for six months but has been playing the drums for 15 years.

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“It’s where I want to be. It’s what I look forward to, but even if things don’t go well, there is always stuff to learn. I’m never leaving a weekend or a show thinking I wasted my time because I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else,” Prewitt said.

The Plains next performance is on March 3, 2022, at Southeastern in downtown Auburn. 

Becca Benner | Culture Writer

Becca Benner, senior in public relations with a minor inmarketing, is a culture writer at The Auburn Plainsman. 

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