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Friday, Dec 8, 2023 | Latest Print Edition

Plainsman's Choice 2022 Best Late Night Food: Waffle House

<p>Waffle House offers something for everyone anytime of the day.</p>

Waffle House offers something for everyone anytime of the day.

Waffle House, a popular Auburn breakfast spot, took home this year's title for "best late-night food." The award proves its breakfast menu can be enjoyed at any time, whether that be a Saturday night or a Sunday morning. 

While you can expect Waffle House to consist of some good comfort food it's more than just that. The restaurant is also full of happy vibrations and friend groups laughing about the good times they shared the night before.

Waffle House is not only known for its incredible waffles, but some of its “breakfast favorites” include hash brown bowls, breakfast sandwiches, omelets and eggs. They even serve lunch and dinner.

Milam Turner, sophomore in psychology, is a frequent customer of Waffle House and enjoys spending his weekends there.

“It’s the best place to go after a good time, whether that be in the early or late hours of the morning,” Turner said. 

It’s hard to resist seeing their yellow sign on South College Street. It’s also convenient how Waffle House is open twenty-four hours, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite breakfast foods at any time of the day or night.

“The Waffle House is a classic Auburn establishment,” said Natalie Oslund, sophomore in communications. “Whether you’re six or 60, it brings sweet memories to Auburn residents." 

Virginia Shea | Culture Writer

Virginia Shea, sophomore in pre-public relations, is a culture writer at The Auburn Plainsman. 

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