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A spirit that is not afraid

Meet the 2023 candidates for SGA and Miss Auburn

Miss Auburn
Miss Auburn

In one week, SGA candidates will begin campaigning for the 2023 SGA president, vice president, treasurer and Miss Auburn. Students will spend the week getting to know the candidates on the concourse before they vote for their favorites on Feb. 3 through 

Callouts will be held at 10 p.m. on Feb. 3 on Cater Lawn.

Candidates for President

Ryan Hall, junior in communication, wants Auburn to go "Hall In" by breaking down the barriers between student organizations at the University. Hall wants to expand the Auburn experience by adding a points program that will “reward students for being active on campus,” according to his platform. Additionally, he wants to help the current student body leave a multi-generation impact by creating a new tradition in the form of an annual concert.

“A vote for Ryan Hall is a vote for ownership. When you vote for me, you are taking ownership of your college experience,” Hall said.

J.D. Jones, junior in biomedical sciences, wants students to “Just Be with JD.” Jones’ campaign falls along three lines. “Just beginning” is about new initiatives and improving existing systems. These initiatives include displaying the professor and classroom number during registration and building inclusivity in housing. "Just belonging” seeks to enhance the experience of current and prospective students by increasing dining dollar capacity and promoting central housing. Finally, “just believing” focuses on improving the game day experience and building cohesion across campus.

"Some students love Auburn, but there are students that don't enjoy the campus and don't enjoy the family atmosphere," Jones said. "To provide those students the opportunity to love Auburn is really the reason that anyone should vote for me.”

Candidate for Vice President

Julianne Lozano, junior in business analytics, wants to ensure the senate has a focus on inclusion. Lozano plans to educate the student body on what the senate is and what it does. Lozano feels providing senators with context on the daily challenges students face through feedback is critical, and they can only make the necessary changes when they know about these issues. In addition, she wants to promote student involvement in elections and senatorial office hours so the SGA can better serve the community.

"I care to listen and care about making a better change for our campus," Lozano said.

Candidates for Treasurer

Ashton Dickinson, junior in finance, wants to bring financial literacy, advocacy and transparency to The Plains. Dickinson also wants "to challenge students to reflect on their Auburn experience and think about what they are most thankful for." Additionally, he encourages students to get involved with the community to improve the University for generations to come.

“I want to stick to my platform; keep bringing more awareness, keep being transparent and keep advocating for each student,” Dickinson said.

Vincent Indovina, sophomore in finance, wants to make Auburn more affordable by increasing student discounts around the city and cutting prices for parking permits. He also wants to make Auburn more accessible by offering free financial coaching, publicizing all the SGA's expenses and funding future SGA campaigns with SGA money. Lastly, he wants to strengthen the University's relationship with local businesses and implement a one credit hour financial wellness class.

“Students should vote for me because I see them. I see their needs, and I see their needs aren’t being met. That’s what I want to change,” Indovina said.

Jacob Saavedra, sophomore in finance, is campaigning across three initiatives. First, Saavedra wants to “ensure every student has an equal chance at succeeding financially, despite what background that may come from." Additionally, he wants to build student financial knowledge by making a financial literacy class a requirement for all students. Finally, he wants to build academic support using University funds to pay for third-party study programs.

“I don’t want to have people struggle with finances like I’ve seen my family and my friends do as well,” Saavedra said.

Candidates for Miss Auburn

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Nylah Bluiett, junior in apparel design, wants to "make Auburn a more equitable campus climate," according to her platform. Bluiett plans to make Auburn more affordable by reducing the cost of housing, making financial aid services more accessible and visible, halting annual tuition increases, promoting student employment and increasing merit-based scholarships.

“I want to be an advocate for everyone,” Bluiett said. “I want to be the Miss Auburn for the people, that everyone feels like they can come up to with the problems they have.”

Jillian Daugherty, junior in nursing, wants to help students find a balance between academics and well-being. She plans on doing this in three ways. First, Daugherty intends to teach students to engage with school without adversely impacting their social and extracurricular opportunities, work hard in and out of the classroom and build meaningful connections with the community. She wants to do this by leveraging Auburn Connects, a platform that connects students to mentors.

“I hope students walk across the stage at graduation feeling academically successful but also content that they got to enjoy their time here,” Daugherty said.

Kate Preston, junior in chemical engineering, wants to "encourage students to enhance their Auburn experience by unifying different people on Auburn's campus."  Preston also wants to foster relationships across generations and faculty to prepare students for life outside of college.

"I think that I'm somebody who can be bold and who can stand up for what the Auburn community needs," Preston said. 

Braxton Rich, junior in public relations communication, is campaigning on a platform of campus safety. Rich wants to elevate three safety features on campus. First, she wants to connect students to Auburn Cares, the Friend Walk on the Auburn Safety app and the Auburn blue light emergency phones. Additionally, she wants to have discussions with the community to bring new safety ideas to the campus.

"If I can help one person know about one safety resource in a moment where they didn’t think they could have that support, that would be the goal of winning this campaign,” Rich said. 

Cameron Stephens, junior in biomedical sciences, wants equal academic opportunities for all students. She plans to expand learning communities at Auburn to include outlets for first-year students to learn to succeed. As a working student, Stephens wants to create a compensation program where the bookstore pays for study materials and sells them at a discount to future students. She also wants to include working students on the list of students who need accommodations.

"I want to be at the student body's feet," Stephens said. "As Miss Auburn, I think it would be my job to carry the burdens of this university."

Ethan Flynn | News Writer

Ethan Flynn, freshman in journalism and finance, is a news writer at The Plainsman.

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