12/3/2017, 8:58pm

Creators of Pokémon Go working on a Harry Potter themed mobile game.

When "Pokémon Go" was released in July of 2016, it was an instant and massive success. For those first couple of weeks, you could walk around just about anywhere in the world and see people, young and old, glued to their phones trying to catch virtual Pokémon.  Mostly boosted by the sense of nostalgia that a franchise like Pokémon brings, Pokemon Go hit 550 million downloads and approximately $470 million of revenue within a mere 80 days of its launch.

7/14/2017, 1:19pm

Auburn community discovers Auburn Alabama ROCKS

Rocks can now be found all over Auburn, and Burnett hopes people will add more on their own and during events organized on the Facebook page that are held at places like Town Creek Park.