Abigail Murphy | Operations Editor


COLUMN | Dear Plainsman, farewell

After spending nearly four years of their college experience with The Plainsman, this past year’s management staff of graduating seniors have written their goodbyes. 

Plainsman's Choice 2022 Best Gym: Auburn Rec

From the track to the basketball courts, Auburn University Campus Recreation and Wellness Center offers many workout options, and that's why its been named the best gym in Auburn for Plainsman's Choice 2022. 

Auburn takes steps to protect its biodiversity

Auburn is home to a variety of native species with Alabama commonly ranked as the fourth-highest biodiverse state. According to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Environmental Conservation Online System, Alabama is number three with the most endangered or threatened species listed.  However, members of Auburn University and the City of Auburn are working to protect the biodiversity in the area. 

Auburn University still bridging the gap for gender inclusivity

With an estimated 1.2 million Americans who identify as nonbinary, Auburn University has a share of nonbinary students. While members of the University aim to make Auburn a welcoming environment, nonbinary students say a greater effort needs to be made for true inclusivity. 

COLUMN | Everyone does yoga

Everyone does yoga and everyone can do yoga. You just have to find your yoga and it may change day by day and that is ok.

Bookstore owner fosters community inside and out

June Wilcox, owner of Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers, started business in Auburn two years ago after already owning a bookstore for seven years in South Carolina. Wilcox shares how she became the owner of two bookstores in two states. 

Dr. Maldonado: "My life is medicine."

With working at EAMC for over 11 years, Dr. Maldonado, infectious disease specialist, gives a personal look at the past several months of the pandemic.

Students fight for free menstrual hygiene products in AU’s restrooms

Over the past year, PERIOD: The Menstrual Movement, members of SGA and various other individuals have been part of a petition to get free menstrual hygiene products in Auburn's restrooms. Regan Moss who started the petition discusses why she believes it is important for this measure to be taken.