1/29/2018, 8:34pm

A Human of Auburn is ____________.

Every human being is made up of around 99 percent of the same six elements, but each is so different at the same time. Humans of Auburn's mission is to show that difference by sharing the stories of the different people around the Auburn community.

1/22/2018, 7:05pm

Why you should study abroad this summer

Any college student can study abroad, and what better time to study abroad than right now? In class, everyone fantasizes about being on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean, skiing down a mountain in the Swiss Alps, or maybe even getting lost in the streets of Barcelona.

1/16/2018, 1:26pm

The 901 Collective champions art in Auburn

It is no secret that Auburn University is a school that thrives off of the reputation and success of its STEM programs. However, a new group of students is pushing for Auburn’s art programs and museum, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, to finally have a seat at the table through a new student organization: the 901 Collective.