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Keurig Girl getting attention from carrying coffee machine

Madison Collins, freshman in biomedical sciences, has earned a nickname around campus. "One night, I knew I was going to be at the library really late, so I was like, 'Oh, I'll bring my coffee machine,'" Collins said. Since then, students have started to refer to her as "Keurig Girl."

Bite Sized to open Friday

What started out as an idea by assistant professor Andrew Kozlowski to better prepare his students for what it means to be a professional artist, has now turned into a gallery exhibit that also sells the work of current students, alumni and faculty.

Tips to make moving out easier

As the school year comes to an end, students are beginning to prepare to move out. When paired with exams and the emotions of leaving peers, moving out can sometimes seem stressful.

Students use music as a stress reliever

With the stress of balancing school and social lives, it is common for students to find an outlet to escape the stress. For foreign students facing language barriers, it is even more crucial to have that go-to activity to help get their mind off of the pressure. For Xiao Liu, graduate student in electrical engineering, music is the best distraction. Liu came to America in August 2014 from China because he said he believed it would challenge him and make him a better student and person. “Staying in one place for many years is boring,” Liu said.

Social practice class works to bridge gap with Tuskegee

In 1966, at the age of 21, Samuel Younge Jr. went into a store and used a whites-only restroom. The storeowner told Younge, an African-American man, to leave and, when he did not, threatened his life. As Younge got off at his bus stop a few minutes later, the storeowner was waiting for him and shot him dead. To honor Younge and other civil rights activists from the Tuskegee area, the Social and Community Engaged Practice class led by Breeden scholar Rick Lowe and associate professor in art Wendy DesChene has teamed up with Tuskegee Safe Haven to put on an event and fundraiser called ‘‘Speak Easy, Listen Hard!’’ Safe Haven is an after-school program to help kids from ages 8-12 stay off the streets, and has worked hard to educate the kids on the activists.

Local tunes: Nate & Function plays for Auburn fanbase

Nate & Function, formerly known as Nathan Coker Band, have been making their way around the Auburn community by playing at house parties and formals. The band was formed when lead guitar player and singer Nathan Coker was playing acoustic gigs by himself. Coker began to play at Spicer’s Music.

Transferring from UA to AU

As unlikely as it seems, some students bridge the state football rivalry gap. Tuck Borie, freshman in undeclared science and math, and Corrine Champion, junior in social science education, both left the University of Alabama behind them to attend Auburn. Borie grew up an Alabama fan.