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COLUMN: Winter makes style easy

Fall makes it easy to look good for class so we have no excuse. Sweaters, flannels, boots and scarves are just a few items that we all love to sport.

‘Beautiful and diverse’

Alabama is the fifth highest state in the diversity of wildlife or biodiversity and the most diverse state east of the Mississippi River according to the NatureServe report.

REVIEW: 'mother!' is more than a horror film

The film "Mother!" starring Jennifer Lawrence, was promoted as a thriller/horror film, which gave viewers an idea of what they were about to see. However, that idea was incorrect.

Where to sell old clothes

Selling old clothes can be tough. We all have some clothes that are too small or even just not our style anymore, but when they are in good shape you do not just want to donate them. Your gently used clothes definitely have some value and could be even be sold to someone else.

How to have a closet you are proud of

How to have a closet you are proud of. I think it is safe to say that most girls have more clothes than they need, and my closet is the king of all.