Editorial Board | Spring 2021


EDITORIAL | Auburn, you have to choose.

Auburn is dedicating two halls in The Village to Black trailblazers, Josetta Matthews and Bessie Mae Holloway, which will exist closely to Wallace Hall. The contributions of these people to the University are vastly different, and its time for Auburn to choose what kind of person they wanted represented on the buildings on campus. 

EDITORIAL | Alabama, leave transgender youth alone

In early March, the Alabama State Senate passed a bill that would ban gender-affirming surgeries and treatments for transgender minors, making it a felony for medical professionals to provide them care. The bill comes at a time when there are other things Alabamians need instead of destroying children. 

EDITORIAL | We need statues of Auburn women

In Feb. 2020, Auburn Board of Trustees approved three more statues of male athletes — bringing the total to seven — while there are plenty of women athletes or coaches who deserve their own dedication on campus.  We just want to know why.

EDITORIAL | Alabama, why is our mask expiration date now?

On March 4, Gov. Ivey extended the mask mandate for the last time until April 9. While there were  other factors that pressured her pen to end this mandate, the decision comes at a time when we need to be holding out longer to see more vaccinations. 

EDITORIAL | A spirit that is not afraid of change

In following with The Plainsman's long history of change, we have decided to make it a primarily online publication. For years we have resisted this change, but now we have an opportunity to ensure that this organization continues to flourish in the decades to come. Godspeed and prosper, The Auburn Plainsman. 

EDITORIAL: Huntley made it happen.

SGA President Ada Ruth Huntley and her team managed to get a lot accomplished this year despite the circumstances, and for that we say: thank you.