Hannah Lester | Campus Writer


A look into the rich history of Auburn traditions

Olive Goldsmith wrote a poem “The Deserted Village” in May 1770. Not only does Auburn take its nickname from this poem: “Sweet Auburn, Loveliest Village on the Plains,” but also the Tigers: “where crouching tigers await their hapless prey…”

AU Rhythm forms family bond through dance

“AU Rhythm is a group that, even though we do ... one style of dance, everybody’s personality shows through, so everybody puts their own twist to the dances that we do."

Auburn student finds passion in ROTC

“Growing up a military kid, it’s a lifestyle that I absolutely loved, and I’m so thankful I grew up in it, but it’s something that I thought I didn’t want myself, and until you put this uniform on you don’t realize exactly what it is,” Conner Morschauser said.