Hannah Lester | Campus Writer


Auburn student finds passion in ROTC

“Growing up a military kid, it’s a lifestyle that I absolutely loved, and I’m so thankful I grew up in it, but it’s something that I thought I didn’t want myself, and until you put this uniform on you don’t realize exactly what it is,” Conner Morschauser said.

Unexpected exercises being offered in the form of group fitness at The Rec

“Campus recreation is an outlet for students who are under a lot of stress, who are having to start making healthy choices who, find, need a place to get away from just the pressure of academics, of social engagements, just the whole conglomerate of just being away and independent,” Christy Coleman said.

Lisa Pierce chooses to live in a shack

“It’s eerie to be sitting in there and to hear the sound of the tarp flapping back and forth," Pierce said. "And then you’ve got the wind, kind of the gusts that would come in and kind of rock the shack a little bit because it’s sitting on that trailer."