Hannah Lester | Campus Writer


Lisa Pierce chooses to live in a shack

“It’s eerie to be sitting in there and to hear the sound of the tarp flapping back and forth," Pierce said. "And then you’ve got the wind, kind of the gusts that would come in and kind of rock the shack a little bit because it’s sitting on that trailer."

Who said college students can't cook? The Cooking and Baking Club begs to differ

"Each person has different hobbies and skill sets, and I think people get really excited when they find other people with similar interests,” Swanson said. "CBC is important, because like every organization at Auburn its a venue for people to be creative, work toward something they enjoy, and share that experience with others.”

Auburn's new healthy option to eat on campus

“I’ve eaten them and I haven’t felt terrible after I eat them and it’s not just like fried chicken and everything,” Kirk said. “I’m not feeling terrible, I’m trying to avoid the freshman fifteen too, so anything that will help that.”