Hannah Lester | Campus Writer


Nearly 600 students present research at symposium

“It helps with professional development, so they get a, kind of a low-risk, low stakes opportunity to practice their communication skills and how to communicate their research to people at a broad audience."

How the University meets students' accessibility needs

Auburn University makes efforts each day to ensure that campus is prepared for students with accessibility issues. However, in some buildings, like Comer Hall, students are out of luck. Comer has no elevator to reach the second or third floors and this concerns some students. 

A look into the rich history of Auburn traditions

Olive Goldsmith wrote a poem “The Deserted Village” in May 1770. Not only does Auburn take its nickname from this poem: “Sweet Auburn, Loveliest Village on the Plains,” but also the Tigers: “where crouching tigers await their hapless prey…”

AU Rhythm forms family bond through dance

“AU Rhythm is a group that, even though we do ... one style of dance, everybody’s personality shows through, so everybody puts their own twist to the dances that we do."