Jordan Windham | Campus Writer


Masters Swimming club builds a community of athletes

""“[Swimming] keeps me sane,” said Bennett Paradis, a member of the club. “I liked to swim when I was in undergrad, and I just wanted to keep it going. Pretty much from day one, I started here with Masters Swimming.“

The Circle SNAPS its newest edition out

“It’s going to sound cliche, but it really does mean the world to me,” Mcmahon said. “Writing is such a raw form of expression, and we live in a day and age where people don’t necessarily value being like that type of real with each other. I feel like stories are made for sharing so it was a good opportunity.”

Gameday from the eyes of the marching band

“It’s almost more exciting [than being a spectator] because you’re getting to cheer for the team in a way that a lot of other people don’t get to do,” Patrick said.

Self-defense is RAD

“It’s nice to feel safer,” said Patricia Montgomery, sophomore in mechanical engineering. “I already feel safe at Auburn, but it’s nice to have this back-up stuff. We’ve definitely covered a lot of points that I wouldn’t have even thought of.”

Korea Center celebrates Hangul Day

“It’s just fun to meet new people especially because most of the people here are either Korean or have an interest in Korea,” said Catherine Johnson, sophomore in computer science.