Jordan Windham | Campus Writer


Self-defense is RAD

“It’s nice to feel safer,” said Patricia Montgomery, sophomore in mechanical engineering. “I already feel safe at Auburn, but it’s nice to have this back-up stuff. We’ve definitely covered a lot of points that I wouldn’t have even thought of.”

Korea Center celebrates Hangul Day

“It’s just fun to meet new people especially because most of the people here are either Korean or have an interest in Korea,” said Catherine Johnson, sophomore in computer science.

How to not get lost on campus

“Learn your route to class and walk that same route every time and you do not venture," Ragan said. You just walk to it and walk right back out.”

Homecoming Parade hits downtown Auburn

“I loved that children were so excited by the music and dancing and clapping and yelling and excited about Aubie,” said Sandra McMillin, Auburn resident. “I liked [the floats] that looked like the stadium with all of the people in it.”

Powerlifting Club creates lifting community in Auburn

“It’s great having 130 friends that I can chat with at any time about any sort of powerlifting thing that I want to because one of the biggest things is that I always seem to bore my friends who don’t lift when I talk about it with them,” Riedel said.

Author of University's Common Book discusses what went into writing it

“I think telling each other’s stories and having people listen to them creates such a wonderful, rich community,” Divakaruni said. “Our stories show us at once how we are all wonderful, different, unique, original human beings, and they show us that we share a common core of humanity.”

Auburn thanks donors with 3D light show on Samford

“I think it was uniquely Auburn,” said Pam Sweeney, Auburn alumna. “I really liked all of the build up to it. The best thing was all of the ways it was telling that Auburn is affecting and growing. Just all about Auburn. It really reminds me of Disney World.”