Kris Martins | Campus Writer


A guide to the best desserts on campus

Sometimes you just need something sweet. It could be a reward for taking that test you studied hard for, a Friday treat or just a little bit of sugar to top off your meal. Most of the best options are in the heart of campus. Inside the Student Center, there’s the pastry hub Au Bon Pain and milkshakes at Chick-fil-A.

Graphic design students design posters for Birmingham Zoo’s 60th anniversary

Fifteen graphic design students’ posters are on display for the Birmingham Zoo’s 60th anniversary after the first project of the course turned into an art exhibit in the zoo’s Predator Building. Assistant professor Courtney Windham tasked students in her summer Graphic Processes studio with creating a poster that reflected one of the zoo’s animals while using a process similar to that of artist Hendrik N.