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'It's good incentive, but it's also very sexist': Intramural participants consider different treatment of men, women in co-rec sports

“I think it’s good incentive for girls to want to play more and actually contribute to the game because we know we could rack up points for the team,” Quindlen said. “But it’s also very sexist that the rules or system automatically classify women as less capable of scoring or running or catching. And with that, their need to give us more points is patronizing.”

Mustaches for change: Auburn's Movember campaign

The stigma of male bravado often keeps male health issues from reaching a conversation point, McGettigan said. Yet with males making up four out of the five deaths by suicide, the conversation is becoming more crucial.

Ukulele Club strumming its way back onto campus

Students don’t need any prior experience nor own their own ukulele to join the club, as they have loaners for beginner members. Accord said half the members who join have never picked up the instrument before, but by the third practice, they’re able to play the song they learned at the first meeting.