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Political organizations gather at the annual Great Debate

Representatives from student organizations across the political spectrum gathered in Lowder Hall on Tuesday night to debate issues related to healthcare, immigration, infrastructure, climate change, education and marijuana legalization.

Suite 1111 | Almost Twins

Harlee Meydrech shares the story of Anna Penland and Anna Moates, two friends who met through Auburn's EAGLES program and have now cowritten a children's book about their friendship, Almost Twins.

Suite 1111 | Kicking into Auburn history

This week, Callie Stanford breaks down her story on the Carlson brothers and their nine years kicking for the Tigers, from Daniel’s place as the all-time top scorer in the SEC to Anders’ almost perfect completion rate.

Suite 1111 | Faculty Stories

Collins Keith and Trice Brown talk with a professor in biosystems engineering and a professor in journalism about their lives as a researcher and a documentary journalist.