New bike ordinance necessary to raise awareness of road safety

I agree with the new bike law, especially for spreading awareness.

For those who haven't heard of Auburn's bike law, it has started to generate a lot of buzz concerning its enforcement issues.

Just for background, this law will require a three-foot distance between motorists and bicyclists on the road.

I don't bike to class or on the road in general, but I have several friends who choose bicycling as their main mode of transportation, so I hear about their issues.

Most actually feel safe riding on the roads, but some have had experiences with motorists coming too close, or motorists not watching when they're turning.

When I drive next to a bicyclist, it freaks me out almost every time. If there's not a car in the other lane, I'll move over to give them plenty of room because who knows what could happen if you're too close.

But back to the enforcement issues.

I attended the city council meeting last Tuesday. Some council members had issues on legislating what they think is courtesy, and I can understand where they are coming from, but I don't think it's an issue of courtesy, but an issue of enforcing safety.

If you're cautious around bikes, then you have nothing to worry about. If you're not cautious around them then I think you deserve a ticket.

I think it will keep motorists in check, as well as spreading awareness from the fact of having Auburn know about this law and recognize that it has been passed.

While I think Auburn is becoming more and more bicycle friendly, there will always be issues with motorists sharing the road with bicyclists.

That's why I'm glad there's a law for it.

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