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Fashion Fixes for Fall

Ashlea Draa/Photo Editor
Ashlea Draa/Photo Editor

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be difficult, especially for the busy college student.

Knowing what to wear to class, to interviews, or out on the town is a decision students face every day in the continually changing world of fashion.

"When I meet someone I don't know, I form a first impression of that person based largely on how he or she looks, because that's all the information I have readily available to me," said Sandra Forsythe, Auburn University's coordinator of apparel merchandising. "Most Auburn students dress very well."

Early morning classes are no exception.

"I don't think anyone should wear their pajamas to class, even if it is at 8 a.m.," said Cayley Mullen, a senior in apparel merchandising.

When spending a day outside of home and class, Forsythe said students should try to look presentable.

"When shopping, it is important not to look like you have just finished weeding the garden or participating in a triathlon," Forsythe said.

Making a decision on what to wear is all about personal preference.

"I like to wear nicer clothes when I'm out running errands and shopping because it makes me feel better," Mullen said. "You don't want to look grungy when you're trying on clothes and looking in mirrors all day."

Many students are unaware of how to dress appropriately for professional meetings like interviews or guest speakers.

"Dress professional whenever you want others to see you as professional," Forsythe said. "A suit or the equivalent of a suit is always a good thing because jackets convey power and competency."

While knowing what to wear and when to wear it is difficult enough, being able to predict upcoming fashion trends is just as tough.

"The frugal look is in right now due to the failing economy because consumers are less comfortable sporting expensive designer brands," Forsythe said. "Luxury stores are having major problems because more people are now shopping at discount stores. Used clothing stores are also doing brisk business these days."

While the frugality trend this season may benefit the penny-pinching college scene, students are trying their best to keep up with shifting fashion tendencies.

"I think animal and floral prints will be something to look for," said Kelsey Karcher, a junior in apparel merchandising. "While some of that has already been in style for this spring and summer, I think you will continue to see it in the fall."

Mullen said she thinks neon colors will also be a staple this fall.

"If you look at any fashion magazine you will get a good idea of the latest fashion trends," Forsythe said.

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