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A spirit that is not afraid

The ultimate guide to last-minute Halloween costumes

<p>Costume closet at Peet Theater on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 in Auburn, Ala.</p>

Costume closet at Peet Theater on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 in Auburn, Ala.

Are the costume aisles of Party City and Target raked through? Not wanting to pay extra for expedited shipping? 

Halloween weekend can creep up on students, leaving them in a frenzy trying to figure out how to come up with a fast costume. Here’s a guide on how to come up with unique costume ideas that don’t break the bank. 

DIY costumes 

A costume doesn’t always have to come straight from a Halloween aisle and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Students can get creative and save money by spicing up pieces they already have in their closets. To elevate any DIY costume, grab accessories from a local Halloween shop or thrift store. 


In stock at Party City in Tiger Town, a “Shipwrecked Pirate Costume” is listed at $40.00 and comes with a corset with peplum sleeves and straps, spandex pant legs, a tricorn hat and a pair of sleevelettes. Pair the outfit with knee-high boots for the perfect pirate costume. 

Michael Myers 

The face of the original 1978 horror film, Halloween, Michael Myers is a staple costume for horror movie aficionados everywhere. This fictional character is one of the most popular costumes this year, according to Tiger Town Party City worker, Mikay. 

“The Michael Myers costume has definitely been the fastest to go,” said Mikay.  

The Michael Myers costume is currently out of stock at Party City but a mask is listed at $24.99 and a navy blue jumpsuit is listed at $35.99 according to 

Buddy the Elf

Can’t wait any longer to celebrate Christmas? This buddy the elf costume comes with a green tunic with fur trimming, a black belt, yellow tights, and a green matching hat, according to For those that can't resist Buddy's Christmas cheer, this costume offers the opportunity to start getting into the holiday spirit. 

Eleven from Stranger Things

This costume is for those students who stayed up binge-watching season four of Stranger Things. Get El’s look with this colorful sleeveless dress and a plaid collared shirt. According to Party City, it’s in stock at Tiger Town and listed at $30.00. Channel the same psychic abilities Eleven has for $30.00? Sounds like a deal. 

Bob Ross

Calling all Bob Ross fans: throw on a collared shirt, jeans and a brown afro to step into the iconic PBS artist's shoes. According to, a Bob Ross afro wig is listed at $18.99. Another option is to carry around a paint brush which can be found at Hobby Lobby, Target, or Walmart. 

Cruella de Vil 

Get ready to be the fashionable Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. The black and white wig is key for this character, and according to, students can have it in their hands for just $26.99 on Pair a faux-fur coat with this wig to make this costume next level. 

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For those truly last-minute students, this Ninja costume is too simple not to do. Wear all black and tie a red ribbon around your arms and waist and watch this costume come to life. Have a black mask laying around? Add that to the look to make it more mysterious. 

Super Mario

Looking for a comfortable option? Suit up as Mario by wearing a red hat and shirt with blue overalls. According to, a red foam-backed Mario hat is in stock and listed at $7.00. A stick-on mustache is also in stock, listed at $6.00, and could also be added to give the full Mario effect. 

Violet Beauregarde

As seen in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Violet Beauregarde turns blue and grows in size from eating gum. Get ready for the most comfortable Halloween costume with this blue velour set listed at $39.99 according to Put blue eyeshadow on your nose for the finishing touch and it’s the ultimate Violet Beauregarde costume. 

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