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EDITORIAL | Auburn Athletics is "On to Victory"

In July this year, a collective, “On To Victory,” was launched to provide Auburn University student-athletes with the opportunity to profit off their name, image and likeness. 

On To Victory bought out Auburn’s previous leading collective, NIL-Auburn, and the key differences between the two might just change Auburn Athletics for the better. 

On To Victory’s distinction is that the leadership that created it has declared that 90% of the collective’s proceeds will go directly to Auburn student-athletes. 

The On To Victory pledge specifically states that “the members of the executive board have pledged to never take a profit from their work with On To Victory.” 

On To Victory also promises transparency in the collective’s finances and activities. It will implement administrative cost controls to ensure maximum benefits for student-athletes. 

In order to adhere to National College Athletics Association Name, Image and Likeness rules and guidelines, the collective will conduct its business independent from the University. They will do this by pooling funds from Auburn boosters and businesses along with Auburn fans and local citizens. 

What this collective will do is decrease the number of bootleg merchandise sold, as fans will now—for the first time ever—be able to buy specific, individualized jerseys without breaking rules and laws. 

It will help level the playing field for all Auburn athletes by providing walk-ons, graduate students, transfers and athletes in less recognized sports the chance to make revenue. 

It will give athletes in sports without a professional level the opportunity to profit at the collegiate level. 

Not only will these athletes be able to make revenue, but they will also have the chance to be counseled while doing so—an opportunity made possible by On To Victory’s advisory committee of former athletes representing all levels of sport. 

This will be especially beneficial to female athletes— as they rarely get as much recognition as male athletes— regardless of their sport. The On To Victory collective represents progress for gender equity in sports, and it gives Auburn women in all sports opportunities they have always deserved. 

“For Auburn to remain competitive on the fields and courts of play, we need to compete—and win—in the NIL arena. We will continue to adapt and be aggressive as we forge into year two... It is going to take all of us working together to make this a success. After all, that is the Auburn way,” said former Auburn University Athletic Director Allen Green in a one-year update video released in late July. 

Green was right. In order for Auburn athletics to continue to better serve its athletes, it is crucial that the Auburn family remains involved, informed and excited. 

It is crucial that the Auburn family understands the importance of name, image and likeness and a collective that all Auburn athletes can take advantage of. 

It is crucial that the Auburn family understands that the On To Victory collective does something that should have been done a long time ago: take name, image and likeness to the next level to acknowledge, celebrate and expand opportunities to the overlooked and underserved athletes. 

Editorials represent the majority view of The Plainsman's editorial board and do not necessarily represent that of the entire newsroom. 

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Editorial Board | Fall 2022

Editorials represent the majority view of The Plainsman's editorial board and do not necessarily represent that of the entire newsroom. 

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