Brytni Emison | Columnist


Summers Aren't Just For Tanning

Typically summers are for kicking back and unwinding after two stressful semesters. Most importantly summers are for having three months for everyone’s brains to recuperate from finals. 

COLUMN: Diverse City

Last week Apple CEO, and former Auburn alumnus, Tim Cook came to speak on diversity.

COLUMN: Hunger and You

You stand in front of your fridge. Stomach growling, pain creeping at your sides, your head is throbbing and you’re beyond hangry.

red head

I am part of the world’s smallest minority. It’s hard to talk about this subject, most people find the idea laughable. That’s because I’m a red head. You may be wondering what the big deal is, it’s just hair color.

COLUMN: Leaving a legacy

President Barrack Obama will leave a legacy in the White House. Political beliefs aside, he has undeniably accomplished milestones in his presidency which will not easily be pushed aside nor forgotten during future presidencies.

COLUMN: To roll or not to roll

Rolling the Oaks on Toomer’s Corner with Toilet Paper is a sacred tradition for Auburn fans. It is one of the greatest and wide ranging Auburn traditions.

COLUMN: Discern for yourself

America has the seventh highest literacy rate in the world, but you wouldn’t think so if you logged onto Facebook.