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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

You know someone that has been sexually assaulted.    That simple sentence is what has brought the national conversation of sexual assault to the forefront of headlines and has perked up the ears of students at Auburn University.

AU professor speaks about feminism in China

While the topics of #MeToo and the long-awaited crack down on sexual assault are finally coming into everyday conversation, these topics have always been at the interest of Interim Director of Women’s Studies Dr. Arianne Gaetano. Joining Auburn’s feminist movement that began in the mid-80s in the homes of feminist-minded faculty, Gaetano brings optimism and enlightenment to our issues women face at home and abroad. Gaetano first found her love for feminism and anthropology as an undergraduate abroad at Duke University.

COLUMN: Pause before you follow

Originally, social media was intended to be a way for people to connect with one another. There was never a challenge to collect “friends” or “followers." There was never a competition to gain the most likes or reactions. 

The 901 Collective champions art in Auburn

It is no secret that Auburn University is a school that thrives off of the reputation and success of its STEM programs. However, a new group of students is pushing for Auburn’s art programs and museum, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, to finally have a seat at the table through a new student organization: the 901 Collective.

Stitching with Auburn in mind

After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in textile engineering and a minor in apparel production management, Teel began attending schools around the Southeast to gain a higher level education.

‘The Fairest of them all’

Fair said her extensive pageant career officially began when she got involved in the Miss Outstanding Teen Organization after her high school pageant.