Fall 2019 Editorial Board


EDITORIAL | Make your voice heard

If you are upset about the lack of available on-campus housing, get involved with SGA. If you care about how your school is represented to the rest of the state, get involved with SGA. If you want to stand up for your fellow students, make your voice heard and be a force to enact change, you should get involved with SGA.  Applications for next year are open until Nov. 20 and can be found at aub.ie/elections.

EDITORIAL | SGA's sexual assault nurse program calls for action

As too many Auburn students know, sexual assault is a prevalent threat on campus, and the subsequent trauma from an assault can ruin families, lives and futures. SGA’s newest initiative, a fundraising campaign to train and certify a team of six sexual assault nurse examiners, is an absolutely positive development for Auburn. 

EDITORIAL | What's on next week's agenda?

We have to express our concerns at council meetings and by reaching out to our representatives. In the same way that voting is a duty, this kind of in-between-election participation should not just be appreciated — it should be utilized.  

EDITORIAL | Inmate State

Our prisons aren't filled with criminals, they're filled with fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, wives and mothers. Yes, the people in prisons have done some bad things, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be forgotten.